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Hi, I'm Marie. I adore painting pet portraits for dogs and cat 'parents' to treasure. Pets are a HUGE part of the family.

What better way to celebrate our unique and wonderful furry friends than with a painting that lasts?

"Our picture makes us smile whenever we pass by. Marie has somehow captured his exact expression.
This is 100% Ziggy!
Sharon, Pomeranian mum.

"I absolutely love my painting. Marie has managed to capture the personality and mannerisms of my beautiful cat Esme."
Beth Thompson, cat mum.

'Love them both - absolutely captured both dogs personalities. Would recommend!'
Lisa Unger.

About Marie

Self-taught artist

Painting with acrylics became my passion as soon as I started painting animals. I love finding their unique characters in the canvas, watching their faces emerge as I work.

I live and work from my home in Nottingham UK, painting anything that barks, meows, snuffles or howls.


Pet Portraits

Our pets are part of the family. They go on holiday with us, they distract us in meetings, they chew the couch, they smell, they wake us up early and we love them unconditionally.

I chat to each owner about their dog or cat's personality before I put brush to canvas, so I can capture their unique character.

Even a kitten or a puppy is starting to form their own little personality from the moment its four paws hit the ground.

To discuss a commission the first step is to send me a picture and we can chat about the size you need. You can email a pic on or use the 'Contact me' form below to ask any questions.

I will book you into the diary - you can book as far ahead as you like. Please get in touch as soon as you can for Christmas orders.



You can choose to have your original acrylic painting on a small, medium or large canvas. Prices are as follows:

  • Small: A3, 297 x 420 mm: £290

  • Medium: A2 size, 420 x 594 mm: £420

  • Large: 80 x 80 cm square - £690

Prices are for one pet - a charge of £90 will be added for each extra pet in the picture.

If you would like a different size, such as a square picture or extra small or extra large, just ask!

Abou Commissions
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